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Facey Stacey Is a health and wellness practice built upon the philosophy of social inclusiveness and diversity amongst medical health providers. We specialize in preventative wellness and non surgical aesthetic services for women, to help them live long healthy lives.



Shalonda Jones
Shalonda Jones

Stacey is wonderful! She is professional, knowledgeable and personable. I felt like I was talking to an old friend on our first meeting. Her office is super cute too! I recommend the lipotropic shots. It really increases your energy. I’ll definitely be back. Amazing results · Luxurious experience

Amanda Cook-Smith
Amanda Cook-Smith

Excited for the results of my B12 shot I received today. The treatment room was clean,beautiful and relaxing. Stacey was personable and professional. Bonus was enjoying the tranquility lounge while waiting for my appointment! Great price and great location. Last-minute appointments

Cali Richardson
Cali Richardson

I received a b12 shot. Amazing hospitality, peaceful atmosphere and very knowledgeable about the services I received. I will definitely be back soon.Thank you again

What is Venus Legacy™?

Venus Legacy

As you get older, your body starts to produce less collagen and store more fat—eventually leading to wrinkles, cellulite, and other signs of aging. Venus Legacy™ uses heat to naturally boost collagen production which smoothens out cellulite* and diminishes wrinkles* on the face and body.
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Non-Invasive Treatments with Venus Legacy™

Venus Legacy

Body Contouring

• Shrinks excess fat to reshape the body
• Lifts and tones buttocks and thighs

Cellulite Reduction

• Smoothens stubborn cellulite

Skin Tightening

• Firms up and smoothens sagging skin

Wrinkle Reduction

• Softens fine lines
• Diminishesdeep wrinkles

The Ideal Candidate

Anyone who wants to improve the
appearance of body fat and/or pockets
of cellulite, but who doesn’t want surgery.
The ideal candidate may also have skin
that’s starting to lose elasticity and/or
shows early signs of sagging and wrinkles.

Key Patient Benefits

A more defined, slimmer-looking body shape
Smoother, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and less cellulite
Comfortable treatments with no downtime
Quick treatment sessions (30 minutes maximum)
Technology that is safe for all skin tones

How it works

To achieve Venus Legacy™ skin tightening, our treatments use Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. At the same time, an adjustable pulsed suction (called VariPulse™) gently works to pull the skin upward, allowing the energy to travel deeper and providing more comfortable and effective treatment. The Venus Legacy™ results include a body that looks slimmer and more sculpted, and cellulite that almost disappears.

Radio frequency technology is proven safe and effective for all skin tones, even darker complexions.

Enjoy a relaxing treatment experience that delivers noticeable results.

check mark NO DOWNTIME:
Return to your daily routine immediately after Venus Legacy™ treatments.

Frequently asked questions about Venus Legacy™

Everything you need to know about your Venus Legacy™ treatment



1Am I a good candidate for this treatment? / Will this treatment work for me?

The best candidate is someone who has pockets of cellulite and/or excess body fat that they can’t get rid of with diet and exercise alone, and who doesn’t want surgery. An ideal candidate is also someone who is starting to lose elasticity in their skin and is showing early signs of sagging and wrinkles.

For safety reasons, you may not be able to get this treatment if you have/are:

  • Active inflammation and/or infection in the treatment area
  • Current or history of cancer
  • A degenerative neurologic disease or any other disease around the treatment area that’s stimulated by heat (e.g. herpes)
  • An Internal defibrillator/pacemaker
  • Metal implants (excluding dental) in the treatment area
  • Uncontrolled thyroid gland disorder
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnant or are undergoing an IVF procedure
  • Skin-related autoimmune diseases
  • Silicone implants and/or injections in the area
2I have darker skin can I still get this treatment done?
Yes. Venus Legacy™ uses technology thats safe for all skin tones, even darker ones.
3Can I do it during my lunch break?

Absolutely. Exact treatment times may vary depending on the patient, but a single session typically takes no longer than 30 minutes.

4How many sessions will I need to see results?

Most patients receive 6-8 treatments per area. The exact number will depend on each individual person and the area being treated.

5How often/far apart should the treatments be?

Treatments are done once a week.

6Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?

Just make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup before your treatment. Remove all jewelry around the area being treated.



1How long does a treatment session last?

Each session lasts 15-30 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

2What does the treatment feel like?

The applicator will slowly get warmer till your skin reaches the needed temperature and stays within that temperature range. But if you do feel it’s too hot, just let the operator know and they can easily lower the temperature a bit. If the technician is using the VariPulse™ feature, you will also feel a gentle suction on your skin, like a very low-power vacuum, as the applicator moves around the area. This can also be lowered if needed.


3Will it be painful?

Venus Legacy™ treatments are comfortable. The level of heat and suction can easily be adjusted to suit you.


1How will I feel after my treatment?

You’ll likely feel relaxed. The treatment is comfortable and some patients have even fallen asleep. The area may feel warm to the touch, but other than that, you’ll feel perfectly normal.

2How long will the results last and are they permanent?

The treatments are cumulative. After your final treatment, your results will continue to improve for up to 3-4 months. After that, your face and body continue to age, so maintenance is recommended once a month or every 3-4 months, depending on the person.

3Is there really no downtime?

Absolutely no downtime. The treatment area may look a little flushed and warm to the touch, but this will go away within 1-2 hours. You can return to your daily schedule immediately after your treatment.

4Do I need to do anything after my treatment?

No, you do not need to do anything after your treatment.

5Can I put on makeup or lotion right after my treatment?

Yes, you can apply makeup and/or lotion immediately after your treatment.

6Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?

Just make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup before your treatment. Remove all jewelry around the area being treated.


Real people. Real results.

Extraordinary results speak for themselves

Real people

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IV Hydration

IV Hydration

beauty Drip

Includes IV fluids, vitamins and antioxidants that detoxify your body and improve complexion to help you look and feel your best. Perfect for Hair, Skin, and Nails. Add Glutathione Push for Total Body Skin Brightening Price $299

skinny Drip

Includes a mix of IV fluids, electrolytes and vitamins to help boost your energy levels to kill your workouts. Also improves your overall health and wellness. Price $249

Hangover drip

Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications to detoxify your body and cure your hangover symptoms. Price $249

rehydrate mini

Includes a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications to detoxify your body symptoms. Price $249

Recovery Drip (Meyer's Cocktail)

Recover from workouts and illness. Boost immune function, reduce inflammation, and support faster muscle healing. Price $299

athletic drip

Recover from workouts and illness. Boost immune function, reduce inflammation, and support faster muscle healing. Price $299

Shot Bar / Vitamin Injections

Our services are provided by a Registered Nurse certifified in  vitamin shot therapy administration.

Shot Bar

Lipo Slim Shot $40

The secret to the weight loss recipe that has rapid onset with lasting effects! Assist with fat loss by enhancing metabolism, reducing appetite, liver detoxification and improve overall liver function, builds muscle and reduces recovery time, increase energy and immunity. $40 What's in it? Lipotropic fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine and B12 Suggested add on: Be-Thin Spray

B12 Shot $35

Vitamin B12 injections, also known as cobalamin, is essential for many roles in your body. Its main function is to help cells form and metabolize properly. It also plays a role in brain function, supporting neurons and cell formation. It is necessary for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamins, all of which are important in maintaining cell health.


Zofran assists with reducing nausea symptoms.

Skinny Shot Package $200

Feel better in seconds, get a vitamin boost. Metabolism Boost, Appetite Suppression, & Energy! Includes 2 lipotropic Injections. For Best Results, clients receive shots bi-weekly

Covid 19 Testing


COVID 19, Flu, and Drug Screen Testing

All test result within 10-30 minutes. Contact us for more information.



The Nourishing Plan


1 IV Vitamin Drip (value $130 or less)

1 Shot Bar Injection

10% off additional visits & add ons

The Nourish to Flourish Plan


1 IV Vitamin Drip

2 Shot Bar Injections

15% off additional visits & add ons

The Rich Plan


2 IV Vitamin Drips

3 Shot Bar Injections

20% off additional visits & add ons

The Nourishing Plan


Per Month

The Nourish to Flourish Plan


Per Month

The Rich Plan


Per Month




Facey VIP Membership

  • This Subscription pays for itself, as you receive 1 FREE Body Sculpting treatment Annually to the area of your choice.
  • VIP Subscription Holders Also receive 25% off recurring Body Contouring Packages.
  • Try new services at special rates, and receive a free mini drip during their birthday month.
  • Your FREE treatment can be used towards your quarterly maintenance, or you can try any other service and save $250.
  • VIP members also get invites first to special events, receive priority booking, and receive concierge service for IV Vitamin Therapy within a 60 mile parameter.

Biotin Shot


B12 Shot


Glutathione Shot


Lipo Slim Shot



Most frequent questions and answers


1What Is Vitamin B12?
Vitamin B12 injections, also known as cobalamin, is essential for many roles in your body. Its main function is to help cells form and metabolize properly. It also plays a role in brain function, supporting neurons and cell formation. It is necessary for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamins, all of which are important in maintaining cell health.
2Where You Get It?
Your body cannot produce vitamin B12, but it is commonly found in animal products. This includes milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, and fish. While it is not naturally found in plants, some cereals may be fortified with vitamin B12. People who don’t eat any animal products may experience vitamin B12 deficiency, but vitamin B12 can also be received through injection or as an oral supplement.
3Why You Need It?
Vitamin B12 also plays a vital role in metabolism. Metabolism can affect your weight, appetite, and energy level. B12 is crucial for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Without the right amount of vitamins, you may feel fatigued, forgetful, and even have a greater risk for heart disease. Having balanced levels of vitamin B12 helps you feel happier and healthier.
4What Are the Benefits of a Vitamin B12 Injection?
A vitamin injections can boost your body functions and benefit your health. Because B12 is necessary for so many body processes, getting a vitamin injection has many different benefits. However, it is important that you also do what you can to receive the maximum boost from your injection. Here are seven benefits you may experience.
5Balance or Increase in Your Metabolism
Vitamin B12 plays an important part in your metabolism. Metabolism is the group of chemical reactions in your cells that sustain life. You may notice your metabolism by how quickly you burn what you eat. When these reactions occur at a slower rate, your body functions are slower. This can cause weight gain and fatigue. With a balanced B12 level, you can boost your metabolism and help it to function better.
A higher, more balanced metabolism will make your body burn calories faster, creating potential weight loss benefits and allowing more food to be converted to energy. While all B vitamins are important for energy production, vitamin B12 is especially important. One of the first symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is a lack of energy and fatigue. Boosting your vitamin B12 with an injection will boost your energy if you are significantly deficient. A balanced metabolism may also help other gastrointestinal problems or appetite loss.
6Prevent Anemia by Increasing Red Blood Cells
Vitamin B12 is also a key vitamin for your body to create new red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen and other nutrients around to all of your other cells. With a low red blood cell count, you can experience anemia, a condition that causes your body to feel fatigued. It may also cause lightheadedness and dizziness. Vitamin B12 can prevent anemia by helping your body produce enough red blood cells, thus boosting your energy.
Increasing your vitamin B12 will also help your red blood cells to develop properly. In cases of vitamin B12 deficiency, the blood cells become deformed and do not properly move into the bloodstream from your bone marrow. A vitamin B12 injection prevents you from becoming deficient or boosts deficient levels back to normal. Healthy, properly formed red blood cells mean your body is getting the proper oxygen and nutrients.
7Keep Your Brain Healthy

Your brain needs a lot of different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for brain health because of its function in cell metabolism and formation. Vitamin B12 helps your neurons to create and regenerate the nerve fiber sheaths that protect the neuron and speed up brain processes.

The stronger your myelin sheaths are, the faster your neurons fire, meaning you think, remember and recall faster. Because of this, vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to memory loss in older adults.

There is evidence that boosting your vitamin B12 will improve your memory. It may even slow the decline for people with early-stage dementia. Giving your body the vitamin B12 it needs will make sure your neurons can regenerate their sheaths properly and create new ones as they grow.

8Benefit Your Mood

As we mentioned above, vitamin B12 is vital for your brain function. Your brain is also in control of your mood. Emotions are controlled via chemicals released in your brain that trigger neurons to send messages that communicate how you are feeling. Making sure your neurons are firing properly will improve your emotional balance.

Vitamin B12 also plays a role in the creation of serotonin. While this relationship is not fully understood, researchers agree that the two are undoubtedly linked. This means that if you are experiencing a vitamin B12 deficiency, you may be producing low doses of serotonin, a chemical vital in boosting your mood. Decreased serotonin can lead to feelings of depression.

One study suggests that vitamin B12 deficiency is related to a higher risk for a person becoming depressed. Getting the proper amount of vitamin B12 into your body will help lift your mood and may lessen feelings of depression. Some research suggests that antidepressants work better when a patient also receives added vitamin B12.

9Benefit Your Unborn Baby
If you are pregnant, vitamin B12 could help your growing baby. As discussed, vitamin B12 is vital to the formation of a new cell, including neurons and red blood cells. A growing fetus needs the proper amount of vitamin B12 to make sure it is developing properly. In pregnant women with significant vitamin B12 deficiencies, the risk of birth defects and miscarriages rises significantly. The worse the deficiency, the higher the risk. Making sure your vitamin B12 levels are normal and that your baby is getting enough vitamins will benefit your baby in the long run. You will be giving them the best chance to develop a healthy brain and body as well as making sure you have enough vitamin B12 for you too. Pregnant moms need enough vitamin B12 as well to protect against anemia and fight the drain of energy that comes with pregnancy.
10Support Healthy Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis
Women and men with vitamin B12 deficiency tend to have significantly lower bone density. This is especially true for women. Lower bone density can lead to weaker bones and even osteoporosis, a condition most people are unaware they have until they break a bone. Osteoporosis can make bone breakage difficult to heal. Researchers don’t understand how vitamin B12 interacts with bone tissue to strengthen it, but studies have shown a clear link between the two. While they don’t reveal the details of how vitamin B12 improves bone health, they do show that boosting your vitamin B12 will prevent your bones from losing density and weakening. If your family has a history of osteoporosis, you may consider getting a vitamin B12 injection to help keep your bones strong.
11Get Healthy Hair, Nails, and Skin
New cells need vitamin B12 to form properly. Without enough of the vitamin, the cell may become deformed and unstable. Skin, hair, and nails are all places where cell production happens rapidly. Not having normal vitamin B12 levels makes a visible impact. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause different dermatologic symptoms. These may range from hyperpigmentation to nail discoloration to inflamed and cracked corners of your mouth.
Making sure your body has the proper levels of vitamin B12 will keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. If you are already experiencing any of the dermatologic symptoms, boosting your vitamin B12 has been shown to improve and ease those symptoms. Improving any visible symptoms will also improve your self-esteem and mood.
12Why a B12 Injection Instead of a Vitamin?
Vitamin B12 can be found in vitamins or animal products, so why choose an injection over these other ways? An injection of vitamin B12 is more effective than using vitamins or relying on animal products. For people on vegetarian or vegan diets, up to 90% have a vitamin B12 deficiency: even those who take extra vitamins. Unfortunately, our bodies do not always absorb vitamins through our stomach correctly. This can be because of high stomach acid or even age.

about MIC injections


Obesity is a growing problem all over the United States, but we have noticed it happening at alarming rates here in Michigan. We here at Facey Stacey wanted to do something about it. We know there are countless weight loss options and a different diet craze or miracle food seemingly every other day, and we know how confusing that can all be. Fad or complicated diets that are impossible to stick to will fail. This weeks super-food may be next weeks “never eat this ever” food. Surgeries can be rough on the body and too intense for some patients. Proper diet and exercise are the right way to achieve and maintain your optimal weight, but sometimes you just need help.

That’s where the MIC injection comes into play. MIC injections are a combination of Vitamin B-12 and three individual compounds, each designed to help accelerate your weight loss. There are a lot of misconceptions about MIC and other lipotropic injections, allow us to clear up a few of them:

Lipotropic injections melt the fat away:
FALSE. The injections certainly help, but they are not “magic” and do not instantly dissolve fat. Instead, the “I” and “C” portions of the MIC injection provide a powerful fat-filtering combination. Inositol, the “I”, helps to regulate your hormone and insulin levels. This means your mood will be more stable and your hunger levels should decrease. Choline, the “C”, helps by metabolizing the fats and sending them into your blood stream to be used. That means that fat deposits in your body will decrease as your metabolism speeds up.

MIC injections will keep your metabolism up so much that you can just lay around and do nothing:
FALSE. Methionine, the “M”, helps with more effective mobilization and elimination of abnormal fat deposits. The vitamins in a MIC injection often give the patient a feeling of increased energy, but that does not necessarily mean that their metabolism is running so high that exercise is not necessary.

MIC injections are full of unnatural chemicals:

FALSE. The break down of a MIC injection is simple. Methionine is an amino acid found in eggs, fish, spinach, sesame seeds, potatoes, etc. Inositol is naturally found in nuts, beans, cantaloupes, oranges and some grains. Choline is most commonly found in peanuts, chicken, cauliflower and more. B12 is a vitamin found in shellfish, liver, crustaceans, soy, eggs, cheese and more. There isn’t anything in a MIC injection that you couldn’t get in a healthy and balanced diet – the point of the MIC injection is to give your body a purified and concentrated boost of these things without the calorie and fat that often comes with them. Your body can then make the most efficient use of these compounds possible.

Whatever your weight loss goals, it’s important to remember that there is no magic pill to make you instantly the perfect weight. You will have to eat proper balanced meals in correct portion sizes. You will have to exercise. You will have to be mindful of the signals your body is trying to give you. To learn more about what your options for weight loss are and what we can do to help, please contact the office to make an appointment.



Understanding Lipotropics:

Lipotropic, the term literally means “fat loving”! Lipotropic agents are a class of  substances that play an important role in the body’s use of fat. Many substances have lipotropic properties of which choline, inositol and methionine are among the most note-worthy. Through their involvement in lipid (fat) metabolism, lipotropics help maintain a healthy liver.

1. They increase the production of lecithin by the liver and the term is used to refer to substances that are able to help the liver metabolize fats and carbohydrates. This helps to solubilize cholesterol, thus lessening cholesterol deposits in blood vessels and decreasing the choice of gallstone formation (gallstones are made of cholesterol).

2. They prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver. A fatty liver can cause sluggish liver function.

3. They detoxify amine (by-products of protein metabolism). This is important for people on a high protein diet.

4.They increase resistance to disease. They bolster the thymus gland to carry out its anti-disease function by stimulating the production of antibodies. Stimulating the growth of phagocytes, which surround and absorb invading viruses and microbes. They also recognize and destroy foreign and abnormal tissue.



What are some of the important functions of the individual Lipotropics?

Choline & Inositol are co-enzymes that are required for the proper metabolism of fats, and have the ability to remove fat from the liver. Choline works well with inositol to utilize fats and cholesterol. The body can produce choline, with the help of vitamin B12, folic acid and methionine.

Choline: Metabolizes fat. Deficiency of choline can lead to cirrhosis and fatty degeneration of the liver and hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). It is being used today for ailments such as gall bladder trouble, diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, glaucome, senility and memory problems (forgetfulness). Choline detoxifies amines that are the by-products of protein metabolism.

Inositol: Deficiency of inositol can lead to hair loss. It works with Vitamin E to facilitate its actions in the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy. It is used in nerve and muscle disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy. Caffeine may cause depletion of inositol.

Methionine: It works with choline to detoxify amines which are the by-products of protein metabolism. It acts as a catalyst for choline and inositol, opening up their function. Along with choline it aids in reducing liver fat and protects the kidney.






Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission: Facey Stacey Health Spa provides reliable and premium health and beauty treatments that advocate for women (often mothers) who are looking to improve upon themselves, regain confidence, and feel more like themselves again. By providing the most reliable and premium level of service that combines culture, beauty, luxury and class, we aim to bring forth further acceptance of diversity; help women achieve their goals; and elicit the confidence that comes with these aspects.

About Us

Why Choose Facey Stacey

Facey Stacey Is a health and wellness practice built upon the philosophy of social inclusiveness and diversity amongst medical health providers. We specialize in preventative wellness and non surgical aesthetic services for women, to help them live long healthy lives. Facey Stacey is Owned and Operated by Registered Nurses who operate under the direction of a Supervising Licensed Medical Physician. All treatments and services are FDA Approved and backed by clinical science. We put the health back in healthcare, with non surgical treatments such as IV Vitamin Therapy, Medical Weight Loss, & Non Invasive Body Sculpting. With over 13+ years of experience in Healthcare Leadership & Management, Owner Stacie J. Croffe has created a private practice with a focus on freedom in clients health decisions. We put the power back into the hands of our clients. This Autonomy based model, helps focus treatment plans with the clients goals and input at the forefront. We Believe Health Care should focus primarily on preventing illness instead of treating it. It is also our belief that you can have your cake and eat it too. In our private suite, you don’t have to wait in line like at a doctor’s office. Our team of professional nurses dedicate their focus on one client at a time.

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